Town Meeting

Signed Town Meeting Minutes

Town Results

School Results

2019 Wells Springs Unified School District Meeting

2019 Candidates Town Ballot

2019 School Warning

2019 Town Article WARNING

2018 Wells Spring Unified School District Ballot Results

2018 Town Article Ballot Results

2018 Candidate Ballot Results

2018 Wells Spring Unified Union School District Warning

School Warning 2018

Town Warning 2018

FY 18 Wells Presentation From Town Meeting.

2017 School Revote Warning RESULTS: ACT 46 REVOTE 4/13/17- 235 YES 157 NO

2017 Town Meeting Minuites /

Election Results 2017

2017 Sample Ballots

2017 Town Warning

2017 School Warning

2017 School Merger Warning

Open Positions for 2017

2016 Wells School Warning
2016 Town Article Warning
2016 SAMPLE Presidential Ballots
2016 SAMPLE Candidate Ballot
2016 SAMPLE Article Ballot
Open Positions to be on March 2016 Ballot

2015 Town Meeting Results
2015 Town Meeting Minutes
2015 Town & School Warnings
2015 Town of Wells Sample Ballots
Open Positions to be on March 2015 Ballot

2014 Town Meeting Results
2014 Town & School Warnings
2014 Town of Wells Sample Ballots

2013 Town Meeting Results


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