Transfer Station

The Wells Transfer Station is located on Bull Frog Hollow Road. Transfer Station permits and punch cards are available for residents with 911 addresses in Wells. The purchase of a Transfer Station Permit (sticker) from the Town Office is required prior to using the facility. The fee is $20.00 per vehicle. Stickers shall be placed on the rear window or on SUV’s tailgate, trunk lid on cars and on pickups in the rear window.  Punch Cards are required in order to dump garbage.
Hours Beginning December 17, 2016
Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday- 10AM-2PM
CLOSED ALL MAJOR HOLIDAYS:We will check to make certain that only Wells generated trash & recycling is taken to the transfer station. Nothing from out of town is allowed. This will be enforced and stickers/punch cards revoked. If you move out of town, you forfeit your privileges.

Anything that goes in bulky waste will have a minimum 3 punch charge. It is up to the attendants discretion on fees charged.

Zero-sort recycling is now available and recycling is required, all boxes must be broken down.  All trash must be BAGGED. **Garden plastic and boat wraps are NOT accepted as recycling.**

Rules subject to change at any time.

Hazardous Waste Collection:
May 21, 2016
July 30, 2016